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Everyday Wellness

Dec 26, 2020

We are delighted to have Elle Russ joining us today! Elle is the author of the book Confident as Fu*k, and the best-selling book, The Paleo Thyroid Solution, which has helped thousands of people around the world reclaim their health. Elle is also a TV and film writer, and she hosts two podcasts, The Primal Blueprint Podcast and Kickass Life Podcast. 

Elle’s story is a powerful one. It pushed her into being an advocate for helping people to understand what goes on with their thyroid because, in many ways, most people are not treating their thyroid problems as proactively as they could be doing. 

In this episode, Elle shares her background and discusses the importance of the thyroid gland, its physiology, negative and positive feedback loops, hormones, the lifestyle piece, and the effects of fasting on your thyroid health. Be sure to tune in today to gain a deeper understanding of your thyroid gland, and become empowered to advocate for yourself. 


  • Elle shares her story.
  • About the physiology of the thyroid gland.
  • The six main tests that you need to get if you suspect you might have a problem with your thyroid.
  • How the feedback loops work with your thyroid hormones.
  • The lifestyle piece is critical to maintaining a healthy thyroid.
  • The best combination of pills to take for your thyroid hormones.
  • Some of the things that could impact the conversion of synthetic T4 to the active form of thyroid hormone, T3.
  • The impact of middle age, perimenopause, menopause, and fasting on your thyroid health.
  • The mindset component of hypothyroidism.

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Books mentioned: 

Stop the Thyroid Madness by Janie A. Bowthorpe

Recovering With T3 by Paul Robinson