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Everyday Wellness

Jun 5, 2021

I am delighted today to have Dr. Jade Teta as my guest! He is an integrative physician, author, and expert in natural health, fitness, metabolism, and self-development. He spent the last 25 years immersed in the study of strength and conditioning, hormonal metabolism, and the psychology of change and success. He recently started a new company, Next Level Human. It combines his medical and fitness knowledge with his expertise in self-development and mindset change. He writes and lectures extensively to healthcare professionals and the public about lifestyle medicine, natural health, and mindset change. 

Hormonal health and metabolic issues are an enormous pain point for many of my followers and the women in my program. Making lifestyle shifts can be very valuable in helping us develop healthy metabolic habits and easing us through the changes that both men and women tend to go through in middle age. Join us on the show today to hear Dr. Teta’s story and learn about some lifestyle changes that you can make to improve your metabolic processes and better your hormonal health.   


  • Dr. Teta talks about his journey that began at fifteen and his pivot into the hormonal health and metabolism space.
  • How females were under-represented in the research community before 2001.
  • Dr. Teta discusses some of the changes that occur in women who are older than thirty-five, which made him start second-guessing his original methodology and philosophies around weight loss and nutrition.
  • How estrogen and progesterone affect what Dr. Teta refers to as SHMEC (Sleep, Hunger, Mood, Energy, and Cravings).
  • A simple analogy to help you understand estrogen and progesterone.
  • How biofeedback signals can help you to understand your metabolism.
  • Dr. Teta shares what he has found to work best for most women as a different approach to exercise.
  • Why calories matter.
  • Dr. Teta shares his take on eating for satiety versus eating for calories and marrying macros.
  • Most people only focus on diet and exercise without accounting for stress and movement.
  • Dr. Teta talks about buffer foods and trigger foods.
  • Dr. Teta discusses his strategy for helping women find the diet that works best for them.
  • Dr. Teta talks about intermittent fasting.

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