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Everyday Wellness

Apr 17, 2021

I am delighted to have Siim Land joining me once again as my guest for the show. Siim lives in the countryside of Estonia. He is a bestselling author, public speaker, high-performance coach, and professional biohacker. He is the author of Metabolic Autophagy, Stronger By Stress, and he is the co-author of The Immunity Fix. There is so much value in the lessons that Siim teaches and a lot of what he talks about in his books are things that people can do that don't cost too much money.

Having the right amount of stress can actually make us stronger on many levels. In this episode, Siim talks to us about stress. He discusses how our bodies adapt to stress and how we can deal with it and recover from it, recognizing that stress biologically impacts our cells in very beneficial ways. Be sure to listen in today, to hear what Siim has to say about finding the appropriate balance around stress and eating right for your optimum health. 

In Episode 73, Kelly and I interviewed Siim Lands about biohacking and human bio-optimization.


  • Simm talks about how Covid has been affecting him in Estonia over the last ten months.
  • Different stressors cause a slightly different effect on the body. However, a general stress response does tend to happen, regardless of the source of it. Siim describes the physical effects of stress.
  • Siim talks about hormesis and stress adaptation.
  • Stress can be a positive factor in our lives. Siim explains what will happen if you constantly try to avoid stress.
  • Siim discusses the benefits of minor stressors on the mitochondria.
  • There is a tipping point where physical activities like resistance training and cardio workouts are beneficial to us versus when they cause us damage.
  • Siim shares some recommendations for fine-tuning your fasting regimen.
  • Learn how to get sufficient protein in your diet, particularly when you are fasting.
  • Siim talks about what you can do to build a healthy immune system and foods that are harmful to your health.
  • You can protect yourself against the lipid peroxidation of oxidized fats by consuming vegetables that contain antioxidants. Vitamin E and algae, like spirulina, also have lipid peroxidation protective effects.
  • Siim explains what traditional and infrared saunas do for the body in terms of immune function and other health benefits.
  • Siim discusses the benefits of using cryotherapy in conjunction with infrared saunas versus doing them separately.
  • Getting enough quality sleep is the foundation for good health and longevity. Siim shares some sleep-supporting hacks.
  • Siim talks about the key nutrients that we need in our diet to support our immune function.
  • Siim explains what impacts immune function negatively.
  • Siim defines what wellness means to him.

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